Garden Bed Creation: Bed preparation, Edging, mulches, and accents.

Plant material: Trees, Shrubs and perennials.

Lawn installation and repair.

Equipment Services:

Experienced grading and excavation.

General hauling

Deliveries - compost, dirt, mulch and rock.

Landscape Design :

We suggest that potential customers have some kind of landscape plan or drawing for their landscape. This helps with comparing estimates (apples to apples). Often times a customer can draw up something on their own. However, we offer landscape design and consultation for a fee, if needed.

Consultations are $60 per hour. Landscape Design are $75 per hour, with a minimum charge of $225.


Retaining Walls - Block, Natural Stone, Boulders.

Patios: Flagstone and Pavers

Walkways: Flagstone and Pavers

Edging: Plastic and Segmented Edging

Landscape Renovation:

Removal of existing landscaping, and creating a new fresh landscape.


Landscape Estimates and Consultations :

We offer free half hour estimates for the customers that have simple landscape needs, and can tell us what services they want. However, sometimes a customer needs consultation, guidance or planning. We offer consultation services with an estimate. These services are offered at $60 per hour, with a minimum charge of $85.00, (travel time included).

Landscape Services:

Water Features, Rain Gardens, and Sustainable Landscapes:

Tranquil Waterfalls, Ponds and

Rain Gardens